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My passion is to encourage and teach those who are young or new to investing on how to save for their futures by: 


  • Giving guidance in how to save for a home, college, and retirement.

  • Teaching the most efficient way to allocate investments according to risk tolerance.

  • Help to organize the financial part of their lives ie... insurance and estate planning.

  • To educate others on the safest way to preserve their financial records. 

JKG FinaNcial Mentoring

"No one cares for your money like you do"


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I grew up not knowing how to manage money because I was never taught. My nephew gave me a financial book in 1998 and after reading it, I realized that I needed to learn more about taking care of my finances. 
I became so passionate about finances and investing, that even though I had a high stress day job as the Chief Cardiac Surgical Assistant in a Washington D.C. hospital, I went to school in the evenings for several years to become a Certified Financial Planner. I wanted to teach others about how to manage their money so they would not make the same mistakes that I had made with my money.
Since then, I have helped countless people invest their money wisely. I love counseling young couples how to live within their means, to save for a home or for college for their children. I also love teaching about how to get out of debt and prepare for retirement. If you would like for me to help your achieve your financial goals c
ontact me.

"John Guy was able to provide us with multiple options for our retirement plans. He was supportive and helpful as we navigated through this process. What seemed like a very daunting task before we began, became easy with John's help. What I most appreciated was that he used his vast knowledge to provide us with the options that we ultimately were able to apply to our current financial situation to best plan for our young growing family!" ​

- Jacob & Jennifer P.

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John Guy Certified Financial Planner

Financial Mentor

Germantown, MD​​


The most important step in your journey is just to start. 

"I truly believe that John manages my retirement finances as he would his own. He looks out for my future and the future of my family with such devotion. It is clear how passionate John is as a financial adviser  with every conversation. He helps me stay focused with being prepared to retire. I will be forever grateful to John."

-  Terry B.

"John Guy has been our financial planner for over 15 years. He continues to make me and my family secure in our financial footing. His professionalism and family oriented advice is a true asset.  We are proud to have John Guy as our adviser and friend."

Ed & Ghia Cueto

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